Design of the female abdominal wall

Even more annoying is that even in the presence of a healthy body weight and after a sports designer, the marks on the abdomen remain delicate: 1. The navel is wide, prominent, horizontal and not elongated. Dry skin, no gloss, no smooth texture and sometimes accompanied by stretch marks. The abdominal muscles are removed from each other, the abdomen is round, limp with a belly appearance, the waistline blurs and the waist moves away from the midline. The area of the groin expands sideways, the pubic area is sagging. When you examine the appearance of a ``fresh`` abdomen, you can find a number of contours that are important in the process of stretching the abdomen. These lines help determine the changes to be made during surgery. Because of this, we now create a tummy tuck in which the line of incision is short, between the bones of the pelvis, and in a very low line - lower than the imperial scars. The obvious goal is the ability to hide the scar inside the underside or swimsuit. The method of marking and closing method of the wall, in the technique we developed, allows for a very short scar line. During surgery, we design the side to get contours as seen in a younger abdomen and perform liposuction to waist height to refine and remove excess fat tissue that interferes with the formation required.

על הניתוח

As in any surgery, we tighten the abdominal muscles to create a corset effect that keeps the abdomen and holds it in. In the final stage, after the end of the wall design, the navel design phase begins. The appearance of a fresh young navel is an inverse triangle that creates the effect of an elongated depression in the center of the abdomen. Creating a new navel is a relatively long procedure during surgery and requires maximum accuracy. A beautiful navel that is suitable for the appearance of the abdomen is an important part of creating a new abdominal wall. After closing, the third stage begins, and liposuction to create new contours: 1. A central line from the navel to the rib bone. A convex line on both sides of the erect muscles. A diagonal line from the groin to the waist, above the upper border of the pelvic bone. Additional pumping, if necessary, to remove excess fat from the pelvis and waist.

After surgery, the recovery process is simple and takes several days. We do not take stitches. All the seams are absorbed and located under the skin and the cut is glued by special skin patches that reduce the scar mark. After surgery we encourage physical activity and later strengthen the abdominal muscles to give a better and more natural appearance to the new abdominal wall.

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