Peeling skin is designed for both men and women who wish to give the skin a younger and fresher look.This general treatment is designed for people suffering from:

  • With delicate wrinkles of skin on the skin of the face
  • Fragmentary changes, dark spots of the skin
  • Pimples and acne damage
  • Dr. Azaria has extensive experience in chemical peeling treatments for people with facial skin tumors
  • Peeling treatments are of medical importance (not just esthetic)
  • This treatment is performed for people with severe sun damage including keratosis and skin spots
  • People with recurrent skin tumors – pre-therapeutic evaluation
  • Before treatment, the problem should be defined, skin quality, skin tone, risk factors such as herpes, skin diseases and vascular problems.
Peeling skin is designed for both men and women who want to give the skin a younger and fresher look.

Peeling treatment is performed for three degrees of depth in the skin

Surface peeling, given in the form of creams intended for home use. Its action is the removal of upper skin layers and superficial stains, strengthening the collagen and elastin fibers, which strengthens the skin and creates a ``stretching`` effect. This peeling treatment can cause sensation. Itching and tingling, skin peeling and temporary local redness. Upon arrival the desired effect can be maintained on a regular basis. Medium peeling, mainly treats mild / medium wrinkles and deeper stains. This peeling treatment is performed in the clinic by Dr. Azaria. Treatment is accompanied by skin peeling lasting 4 days after treatment and redness of the skin. Deep peeling, peeling to a deep layer of skin and is intended for cases where deep wrinkles exist for people with fair skin only.

Complications and side effects

While daily peeling treatments and natural peeling treatments have little effect and are therefore virtually risk free, chemical peeling and laser treatments for the deeper layers of skin with possible side effects:
  • Non-professional peeling treatment – A therapist who is not skilled in these treatments and does not specialize in skin medicine or plastic surgery may cause
  • Due to improper use of acids or laser. Among the damages are: creating new scars or spots and coloring
  • Not uniform to the new skin as a result of the destruction of pigments.
  • Careful use of strong acids may even cause extreme damage to the face.
  • After peeling treatment, direct sun exposure should be avoided without protective measures (protection factors, cap and cover from direct sunlight).
  • Reddish facial skin, dry peeling and tingling are common.
  • Herpes outbreak
  • Changes in skin tone
  • Scars in treatment areas

** Side effects will be discussed extensively with Dr. Azaria before surgery

The quality of the skin varies with age, sun exposure, smoking, climate, nutrition and, most importantly, heredity.
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